Beautiful Gesture Of 13 YO Boy Who Helps Elderly Woman Cross The Road Will Touch Your Hearts

Sometimes it is better to do things spontaneously and without planning. Helping others without anyone knowing is better. Nowadays when everyone has a camera phone in their hand it is difficult not to record some beautiful things.

It is always nice to see people doing good deeds without expecting anything in return. Such is the case of a boy named Dashawn Butler.

The 13-year-old boy became very popular on the internet for his action.

One day while standing in the Park Place Mall he saw something that was requiring his attention. There was an old woman who wanted to cross the street on the other side but could not.

Dashawns carried in their hands some bags of things bought from shopping. As soon as he saw the scene, he threw the bags on the ground and ran to help the old woman. His mother Maria became a witness of the whole scene.

She became very proud of her son. She even filmed every moment with video.

As soon as it was posted on Facebook, the network went crazy. The video received thousands of likes and comments. Everyone liked to watch a young boy help an elderly man without any hesitation.

The boy remained shocked. What he was doing was simply helping an elderly person in need. Nothing extraordinary.

For Dashawn, however, this act that he did not think anyone would see would surely be a cornerstone for the rest of his life. It gives a message that says even the unseen deeds are valuable.

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