Believed to bring money, what should you definitely have on the New Year’s Eve table?

The big New Year’s Eve in its tradition has a table with a variety of foods, but only some of them should be consumed to bring good luck for the new year that follows. Here is a list of auspicious foods to eat: Eat green vegetables, for the simple reason that they are similar to money, and in some cultures eating them is believed to bring good luck.

Consume 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve. This is a Spanish and Portuguese tradition, according to which the 12 grapes symbolize the 12 months of the following year and their consumption on this special day brings good luck for every month of the year to come.

Eat ring-shaped foods for breakfast, for example, sweet pancakes or even cake baked in the characteristic circular pan with a space in the middle. Food in these forms represents the full cycle of the year, so the coming year will be full and prosperous in every month or season.

Smash a pomegranate seed on the floor – In Greece, on New Year’s Eve locals smash a pomegranate on the main door of the house, this is done to get as many seeds as possible out of the pomegranate because its seeds symbolize prosperity and well-being.

Bake whole fish – Fish are considered auspicious for three reasons.

1- Their scales resemble pennies, i.e. money.

2- They stay in groups, which symbolizes family unity.

3- They always swim forward, which symbolizes progress.

Eat long noodles without breaking them – This is a Japanese tradition, according to which long noodles symbolize long life and luck, but only if you eat them without breaking them into small pieces.

Cook Lentils – Guess what lentils look like? MONEY. Yes, these little legumes are considered lucky in Italy and Brazil and are said to have been considered so by the Romans as well.

Bake a cake and put a coin in it when you bake it – This is also a Greek tradition that involves baking a lemon-flavored cake called vasilopita and when it’s ready to bake, put a coin in it a coin. The person to whom the coin shoots is considered lucky and the coming year will be good for him.

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