Bobby Brown’s Wife Says She Does Not Compare To Whitney Houston, She Knows Her Values

Whenever Bobby Brown’s name is mentioned, his relationship with his ex-wife and singer Whitney Houston is always remembered. But for Alicia Etheredge Brown, his wife of 10 years, this is very difficult.

Etheredge-Brown talks about her husband’s measurement with the music legend saying that this is a passing moment and the focus is on what she and the original bad boy of R&B have built together.

The mother of two says that fans often push her to have a disagreement with Houston but she does not feel like doing such a thing at all.

 “I find my peace because it was based on love. They had a love story that was, you know, amazing, ”she told journalist Tamron Hall of“ The Tamron Hall Show. ”

“I do not focus on the negative of any of it,” she continued. “I know she was a beautiful human. I know this from her children, I know this from Bobby, and you know, it’s respect. ”

Etheredge-Brown is her husband’s manager. She was even the first wedding of her husband and oddly enough, is responsible for helping the New Edition group member regain his courage after being h! T with a case of cold feet on his wedding day.

“I don’t compare myself to anyone, you know. I know my value, ”she said.

“I took it as he feels that if they were together… parallel maybe they would have made it through that battle together. And we know God has the plan and he made it, and unfortunately, she did not, ”she said. “I think, and I know this to be true, Bobby is a loving person. I don’t ever feel compared in any way. I feel valued, I feel supported, and I give her love. ”

Brown has also had problems with drug use but has been clean for 20 years now. Houston died sadly from an overdose and was found dead in a bathtub in 2012.

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