Bus Driver Saves Lives Of 20 Children On The Bus And Her Life Changes When She Meets Ellen DeGeneres

On a typical day on the school bus full of children, a strange smell started to come. The smell of smoke was felt and they realized that they were in danger for a few minutes.

Not all heroes wear masks and this is the case of a bus driver who went into action. She proved very ladylike and saved the lives of the children.

She had been working as a school bus driver for two years when the unimaginable happened.

A school bus driver thought quickly and saved the lives of 20 students when the bus caught fire.

She was riding her bus with 20 students aged 4 to 10. After he had 3 or 4 miles left to reach his destination. Smith noticed something unusual. She began to smell smoke.

“Then as I got closer to the end of my route, I started to smell something, I said mmm, OK, I kept looking and looking and wiping and wiping, then I had one student who asked, ‘Mrs. Smith, are you OK? ‘So I guess I had a look on my face, ”Smith said.

It was raining that day and the driver realized that the smell was of smoke. She called a mechanic and another bus to be nearby in case there was a problem.

“When I pressed on the gas, the smoke started to come in and the scent got very powerful, so I activated all of my lights and went down the road and as I turned onto the church ground, something went ‘pop, pop,’ like a firework, and then all of a sudden, a big red stop sign lit up saying stop engine, and I said, you do not have to worry about that because I’m getting ready to stop anyway, ”Smith said.

In a few seconds, the 20 children get off the bus safely.

It was not enough but she went back and once inside the bus and checked each row that there were no children left.

“It’s my job. They’re my babies until I give them back to [their parents]. “

Smith was delighted when the kids she saved, their parents, school staff, and local government officials thanked her. A pep rally in her honor was arranged, and the children sang a beautiful song.

The kids held big thank you signs and showered her with love and affection. It meant the world to Smith, who was thrilled to see the students doing well.

Ellen DeGeneres invited her to her show to tell the story. DeGeneres was in awe of the woman and knew she lived paycheck to paycheck, so she did something to help the single mother of two.

DeGeneres and her sponsors gifted Smith with a big reward — a $ 20,000 check. It was an emotional moment for the bus driver, who had tears streaming down her cheeks.

He deserved it for the action he did. Don’t you think so?

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