Carmelo Anthony Takes Mistress To England To Give Birth To Twins So Wife Does Not Find Out About Her Pregnancy

Carmelo Anthony is divorcing his wife LaLa Anthony with whom he has been married for 11 years. Reason? “Intractable disagreements.”

One woman says Carmelo left her pregnant when he was still married. At this point, he sent her to London to give birth to children. The twins came to life. After this moment he left her.

The woman says “To prevent a squabble, they both decided that she would travel out to London to give birth to the babies, with the understanding that he would visit her after his season was done.

Carmelo recommended making the babies British citizens while the two were thinking out what they were going to do “

The woman wanted the children to bear their father’s surname. He gave it regardless of the consequences.

Children are born prematurely. They are still in the hospital. However, the mother says that the boy has problems with brain abnormalities and was deficient in oxygen, necessitating treatment.

As soon as she heard this news from the doctors she tried to call Carmelo. He never answered her calls.

According to her, she decided to tell this story so that Anthony would be close to her children. She is very sorry that he kept this a secret.

So far she has denied the rumors of pregnancy to protect Carmelo and his family. He has given her a place to live and money. This money has no value because children want to know that they have a father.

“I realize where I went wrong in the scenario, and I really should never have let it get so far, but I do not want my children to suffer.”

She also wanted to communicate with LaLa but she does not know if she would have given her such a chance.

When this whole story happened Carmelo and his wife was separated for two years.

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