Black couple Adopts White Baby. Why do People think They Kiddnaped Him?

Kia Jones Baldwin had never expected to change diapers again. However she and her partner Richardo Baldwin decided to welcome a new person into the family.

In their family came Princeton. Conceived rashly to a medication-dependent mother in July 2017, the child weighed only 1 pound.

One day her child care boss called her and asked: ‘Is there some way you can go to the medical clinic and do skin-to-skin with a child?’ ”

She did not think twice and left. The two were very close to each other. She started going very often. When Princeton got ready to leave NICU the family took him with them.

The couple had 3 children. Zariyah, 15, Karleigh, 16, and Ayden, 8.

What should have been a stay of just three months lasted longer. What makes this story unusual are the comments people make.

They tell her why do not they send him to stay with people of the same race? In addition, in two cases, complaints were made to the police for kidnapping.

Find a photo session they were conducting approached a woman who was taking pictures. She asked them if it was their child. Mother told yes.

“I just took an image of this child with his family fourteen days earlier,” said the woman. A few moments later the specialists came. The family had to show many documents to convince them that the child was in their care.

What Jones-Baldwin will do is try to remove racial differentiation. She often shares family photos on her Instagram.

Finally, she adds “I don’t view my family as blood. I view family as adoration, ”she said. “Whenever Princeton came into our lives, he came into our souls. Love overcomes all. ”

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