Christopher Reeve’s Wife Died From Lung Cancer 17 Months After Him, Leaving Their Young Son Orphaned

If we mention Superman, Christopher Reeve will immediately come to mind. The actor in this iconic role died very soon, leaving his son without a father at a very young age. All the fans of the actor were very sad about his death of the actor. 17 months after his death, his wife died of lung cancer. Christopher Reeve’s son lost both parents at the age of 13. Today he looks like his father.

Reeve shined in his role as Superman. But unfortunately, he suffered an accident that cost him a lot. He had an accident while riding and after this accident, he was forced to spend the rest of the days tied to the carts. In addition to the severe injuries he received, the paralysis also affected his health.

In this difficult period, the family stayed by his side, and this was the strong reason that he did not give up. But despite his efforts, he died in 2004, leaving only his children and his wife alone. His family was very sad after the death of the actor.

Their children have created a foundation for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. They wanted to help all the people suffering from paralysis. Christopher’s youngest son was 13 years old when he lost his mother. He looks a lot like his father when he was young.

Will gave an interview with People and mentioned the relationship he had with his parents. He was his best friend. Dana was diagnosed with cancer and died two years later. In the interview, he said that he had a wonderful childhood. “They taught me to be a loving and caring child. My family gave me a lot of love and my childhood was completely normal” in the Daily Mail article, he has shown that his father is a hero.

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