Bad News For Sharon Stone’s younger brother!

Unfortunately, the brother of the famous actress Sharon Stone, Patrick, has recently passed away. He reportedly died early Sunday morning in Pennsylvania.

  A representative of the coroner’s office said the 57-year-old died of cardiac arrest due to heart disease. It is unclear whether he was hospitalized at the time of his death.

Patrick should be noted that two years ago he lost his son, River. River was just 11 months old when he passed away in 2021. At the time, Sharon announced that his organs had failed. Sharon also confirmed the news of Patrick’s death with a post she shared on social networks. The star of “Basic Instinct” said:

Hello to everyone. This message confirms that yes, we have lost Patrick Joseph Stone to a cardiac arrest yesterday. Yes, he was River’s father who we lost last year, who was only 11 months old.

The deceased is survived by his wife, Tasha, son Hunter, and daughter Kaylee. We recall that in November, Sharon Stone left her followers shocked after announcing her latest health problem.

It’s a tumor that needs to be removed and she shared how a misdiagnosis led to her going to the hospital and undergoing an operation she shouldn’t have had.

In a new confession, Stone has revealed that she has lost nine children from the abortions she has suffered over the years. The 64-year-old, who is a mother of three adopted sons, insists that women are supposed to think that losing a child is ‘something to deal with alone and secretly, a kind of failure’.

The “Basic Instinct” star added that anyone who has had a miscarriage needs “compassion, empathy, and healing.”

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