Dwarf Bodybuilder Feels Luckiest Man In The World Next To Transgender Girlfriend 6’3 Tall 

Anton Kraft one of the strongest people in the world broke the record for holding heavyweights. He weighs 4 times more than his body weight.

He is 4’4 ‘tall. Just as he challenges the weights it lifts, so he challenges the weight of women. In addition to the longer ones.

The last six months have dated with China Bell 6’3. Bell, 43, initially felt insecure because he invited her to the meeting. His strength convinced her. Bell is a transgender.

According to her, the weights that he could lift made him very attractive in her eyes. ‘The tide is shifting,’ Kraft remarked, it was the key.

I think Anton’s bodybuilding is so attractive because I think he’s stylish. I’d never dated a 4’4 ″ guy before, and I was intrigued. I’m glad I gave him a possibility because he’s a truly remarkable individual, ”says Bell.

The two are different and this has made them love each other more. Kraft has the largest bench press record for his weight category in ten years of power weightlifting.

Now he seeks to break another record. But doctors are worried. If he is going to strain his body more than he should, he may have a heart attack.

Kraft should not be bothered by this. He says: Some people believe what I do is a weakness or micro-man syndrome – that I’m trying to show something by doing something I’m not designed for.

‘However, I feel there is only one winner. ‘It does not matter if you’re second or third.’ ‘I am one of the five strongest men in the world, independent of size or weight,’ he says, ‘and the only person who has ever lifted four times his mass. ‘

His girlfriend gives him strength. He greatly appreciates the fact that she was born as a boy and is working hard to be a girl.

He has never felt so much happier next to a woman than next to her.

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