NFL Star’s Ex-Wife Michael Strahan Demands More Money Than $ 15.3M & $ 18K Monthly

The NFL star is currently focused on his career. But his ex-wife can not leave him alone. She has other demands.

When the pandemic started the Taka Show of Stahans Tv was replaced by a daily pandemic. Although the show did not return it reached 3 Daytime Emmys nominations.

Strahan is one of the people who felt the pandemic crisis a lot. This and because of his ex-wife’s strange demands for large sums of money.

Producer Dr. Dree had the same problem but his children are already adults. Meanwhile, Strahan has two twin daughters with his partner.

Dre’s ex-wife said in court that she needed 2 million a month from Dre, including but not limited to $ 10K for cleaning and laundry, $ 135K for clothes, and over $ 900K for entertainment. The actual amount is $2.53 million – and she wants him to cover her attorney fees to the tune of $5 million.

Strahans’ divorce, meanwhile, ended in 2006. She received $ 15 million and $ 18,000 a month for the twin girls. Now she claims she has to support the girls in riding horses lessons and that the costs have to be shared.

Girls Sophia and Isabella seem to have stayed out of this conflict. Their mother claims that Strahan has paid a reduced monthly budget since 2010.

Course expenses go up to $ 500,000. He has to pay half.

Strahan does not seem to agree with this. We will find out what the court will decide in the coming days.

What do you think? Are justified her money demands? Share with us your opinion in the comments of Facebook.

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