Will Smith Reveals The Secret Of His Marriage To Jada Pinkett. Infidelity? Not For Them

She says she is very proud of him. Will is not afraid to talk about the things that happen in their marriage.

One of the longest known couples has become the subject of conversation. Jada has shown an “entanglement” with singer, August Alsina.

Will is not at all worried about them both. Biles encourages them to keep in touch.

Will says he has decided to share the way he handles things in his relationship. This is to help others in their relationships. “Chatter is the first stage to having a real conversation and to be able to truly explore if some of the things in your heart are loving or poisonous.” those ai.

They have always talked to each other. There has never been distrust. Jada and he talk about everything. They have never surprised each other with something they do not know.

Will and Jada are 50 years old. They have two children, Jaden 23, and Willow 21. They have a 29-year-old son with Trey from a previous marriage.

Now he is focused on career and happiness. “I think I’m a better actor than I’ve ever been, and I think these next 10 years of my career will be the top of my acting performances,” he said.

There seems to be a teacher inside him. This teacher is trying to teach everyone to be happy and to spread as much love as possible.

Jada finally says “I was so proud, We had so many conversations about it and for him to have the opportunity to highlight such a beautiful Black family, that struggle, and through their struggles made something really beautiful, we found it inspiring. ”

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