Father Does Not Take His Daughter To Disney Because The Trip Was For “His Sons”

Many people differentiate between their children. Some love boys more than girls. Such is the case of this girl who was not taken on the trip by her father.

Her grandmother says she gave birth to her son Julius when she was 18 years old. Did the best for him. At the age of 19, he entered engineering school. There he met Iza who became pregnant with Anabella.

Annabelle’s mother left. It was the grandmother who raised the girl. Julius and his new girlfriend Katja got married and two sons were born. The girl lives with her grandmother and not with her father and stepmother.

The grandmother says that her son comes once a month to visit the girl. Bring her toys and stay with her all day until he gets home again for dinner. This is not right. The girl needs her father. He is a hero to her.

However, it is not Katja who does not love Anabelle in her home. She even once suggested that they all live together. They planned to do a lot of things with the girl but Julius refused.

One day he came and told his mother that they would go with Katya to Disneyland. The mother was very excited thinking that Anabelle would be very happy. He told her that the trip was only for his boys.

The grandmother insisted on taking the girl on that trip. He offended her and left. She could not do anything anymore …With him was impossible.

What do you think about this decision of the father? What could be the reasons he behaves this way with his daughter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook.

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