Father Finds Out That His Son Raped A Girl And Hands Him To Police

One day the father of an 18-year-old boy learned that his son had made a very serious mistake. He had raped a girl. According to him, this horrible crime should have been punished and the son should have been brought before the law.

Jack Evans was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl. At that time he was studying in college and managed to get out of prison because the girl at that time a virgin did not file a complaint.

One day the parents saw a message on his phone apologizing to the girl and understood the truth. Jonathan and Sarah were shocked when they saw the message.

The parents immediately directed them to the children’s guidance center, they were instructed that they needed to report the incident to the police. “I did not march him to the station,” Jonathan told the Mirror. “I believe you have to own what you did. Therefore I had to make it his choice. ”

The parents took Jack to the region where he told the whole truth. “I’m proud of him for deciding that the right thing to do was accept it. He was a clever guy; he just made a mistake, ”the father added. “I’m hoping that going to prison will give him time to reflect.”

Many parents would probably have chosen to remain silent but these parents decided otherwise. “We wanted him to comprehend what he had done. He’s realized that what he’s done is incorrect.

It’s been challenging, but all I wanted to do was assist him. We are a strong family unit, and we have had a lot of support from friends, who tell me I am doing the right thing. ”

Jack was committed to a young offender institution for two years and will be a registered sex offender for the following decade. He received a sentence that took into account his age at the time of the offense and his guilty plea.

The father hopes that after the son finishes his sentence he will have a place in his company as an engineer, spending time in the right way.

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