What was inside the dead baby bed that the buyer returned immediately

A mother one morning sold her dead baby crib and the buyer returned it immediately a week later.

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Valerie Watts was desperately waiting to give birth to her son and look at his face. This happiness would not last long.

“All week, I knew,” Watts reflected. “He wasn’t moving as much. I was very nervous. “

Noah’s umbilical cord became pinched in the womb, and his life ended before it even started. The woman could not cope with this sadness. Although the child did not survive, she was not ready to sell the bed.

She was kind of hesitant, ”Gerald Kumpula recalled. “I knew that maybe she did not want to sell it, but she did.”

Kampula lived a few houses away and saw that the woman had made the small bed for sale.

“When he asked me if I was selling that he made benches, I hesitated,” Watts admitted. But in fact, he did not know the story behind that crib.

“His wife was there looking through my garage sale – at some of the baby clothes – and asked how old my son was since I don’t use the crib anymore, and I told her that he had passed in July,” Watts explained.

He decided to transform the crib and turn it over. “I started crying instantly,” Watts said.

He made a bench so that the family could have it as a memory from the child and stay as a symbol of peace in their home.

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