Father Of Four Reveals That There Are 11 Other Children He Did Not Know Existed

Ken Allen has a wonderful family. He has a wife of 30 years and four children. Suddenly he finds out that he has 11 others. This made Allen seek to know him immediately.

Allen has always been a man who adored family and that is why he became a donor sperm when he was young. This would allow many families to realize their desire to become parents.

Over the years he started a family himself and forgot that he had donated his sperm. Allen became a great father to his family and wife Sue,

But years later he gets a call …

This call would change his life forever. He was told that he had 11 other children. Despite this coming to him unexpectedly he asked to meet.

Allen lived a very beautiful love story with his wife Sue. In 1982 he made the oaths of love. Shortly afterward their first daughter Leah was born.

It took you 5 years for the next child to be born, son Marcus. Jason was later born and they adopted a daughter from Taiwan.

After the birth of her second son, Allen thought she was a sperm donor. Discuss this with Sue who has seen many couples have problems conceiving a child.

Sue worked in the hospital and watched these difficulties every day. “I was working at the same hospital, so I had a lot of interactions with these sorts of families as well, so was there was no hesitation at the time.”

After receiving the woman’s approval he became an anonymous donor to several couples. Later, the hospital informed him that his semen had been used to conceive 11 children where nine were boys and two were girls.

After calming down from this news, he decided that he would meet her. The children met one after another with each other until they reunited. He informed them of any genetic health problems he had to be tested for or inherited.

What do you think of his decision to meet the children, right or wrong?

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