Foster Family Kicks Out The Adopted Son From Home Because They Now Have Their Own Children

An adoptive mother made an unexpected decision because she kicked her adoptive son on the street which she kept at home for many years. This has deeply affected the boy.

Carlos Dillard became very popular on social media as a comedian where he dealt with the stinging effect of foster care and adoption. It came to him very suddenly when the adoptive mother asked him to leave the house.

The boy sought a better life by going through unpredictable situations already as an adult.

Carlos Dillard grew up in a family of six children. In the beginning, they had a calm and happy life until the problems with their father with drugs made them go through difficult moments.

One day their whole life was turned upside down because his dad was caught with marijuana. He went to jail and his mother took over all the work.

At this point, he was forced to go to foster homes. The “Ward of the State” author also faced social vices like physical and sexual abuse in some foster houses. According to him, some of the foster parents would be at a loss on how to curb behavior caused by trauma.

A few days before he turned 11, his dream of living in a normal family came back to him when a white couple adopted him. His mother was facing delta infertility drama.

The family at the moment they became children began to treat him very badly. He even wanted and asked for help with this.

Carlos says his adoptive parents were ill-prepared because they were too conservative and religious and did not accept his openly gay nature. They kicked him out of the house when he was 15 years old.

As an adult, he did quite well. So he got his GED, attended college, and made something great for himself. There he met his husband Kristopher who helped him reunite with his real family,

Talking to his mother was one of the most difficult he had ever had. He has already overcome the trauma and dedicated his life to helping people.

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