He is a music legend but today he is very sick

Phil Collins, now 70 years old, has announced that he will retire from music due to health problems.

“I have some physical problems, which is very frustrating because you know, I would have liked to sing on stage with my son,” he said in a rare BBC Breakfast interview with colleagues on Thursday. his Genesis band.

“I can barely hold a stick with this hand, so I have certain physical difficulties that prevent me from playing,” the musician added.

Collins is a Grammy Award winner and became very famous with the band Genesis as a soloist and drummer. In 2020, the dates were going to do a reunion tour, but in 2021 it was postponed due to the pandemic.

Due to his condition, Phil announced that he would no longer play drums due to health problems and his 20-year-old son replaced him.

“We are all men of a certain age and I think that to some extent we are approaching the end. I think yes, in general, for me (it’s the end of the tournaments – n.r), I don’t know if I still want to be on the road”, he added.

Collins had a lot of back problems due to an injury he received in 2009 and for the first time, he confirmed that he can no longer play drums due to a fire.

“My vertebrae crushed my spinal cord because of the position I was sitting on the drums, after years of singing. I can’t even hold the sticks properly without pain. I used to stick my sticks in my hands”, the artist added.

Due to an incident in 2015, he suffered a fall where he had a very difficult intervention and now he can walk very little and moves with a wheelchair.

In addition to physical suffering, Phil Collins was accused many times by his ex-wife, which made him suffer even more. With completely white hair, we hardly recognize him today.

Phil also had a scandal with Orianne Cevey, his ex-wife who divorced him in 2008 but remarried in 2016. Everything was destroyed again when Orianne married another man in complete secrecy in Las Vegas.

To hide her relationship, she told Collins she was going to Vegas on business. When he found out the truth, the artist kicked his wife out of the villa, worth 40 million dollars, and changed all the access codes in the house. Orianne threatened him with humiliating revelations from their married life, but the artist did not give in and the two began to judge each other.

His condition today is unfortunate.

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