Heiress Harris Surprises With Her Voice Singing Happy Birthday To Her Big Domani brother, She Is A Star

For some time Heiress Harris, the daughter of Tiny and T.I Harris, has been singing lessons to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

In a video on Instagram, the 5-year-old appears singing Happy Birthday to her Domani Harris on his 21st birthday. Domani shared the video with fans who commented a lot on his sister’s vocals.

One person wrote, “She is a star,” while another said, “She sings with her heart.” Apparently, she inherited her mother’s powerful vocals.

“Aww. She sounds amazing! Looking like her ma. HBD solider, ”said one individual. Another called Heiress, “Little Tiny… Xscape Next.”

The comments were more about the little girl than about the boy’s Instagram. Nena e saj hared a few heart-eyed emojis for her daughter, while her doting father, T.I., shared seven black heart emojis in honor of their seventh child. Here’s what others had to say:

“That baby can saannnnggggg!” “Ok but perfect pitch and power at her age is amazing! It brought tears to my eyes but I’m not surprised because Tiny can blow! ”

“Do not play with that girl. She is not one of dem. ”

“Her voice is golden.”

“She sing from her soul.”

“She’s the cutest and [has] many talents. She is going to be BIG. ”

“T.I. and Tiny needed this child. ”

But Heires and Domani are not the only talented children in the family. King King is also building his career as a rapper. While the daughter Dejah Harris and the boys Major 13 and Messiah have chosen to stay away from their music career for the moment.

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