Here is the reason for the strange behavior of the 94-year-old

A 94-year-old woman was so frightened and upset – her daughter’s knees started shaking when she realized the reason behind her strange behavior

When people are looking for a person to take care of an elderly person, they need to make sure that they are in good hands. Some of the essential qualities that a carer must have are empathy, punctuality, experienced, respect, and of course, patience. When it comes to caring for the elderly, the applicants who enroll must be fully qualified, and the requirements listed above must be part of the CV. 

Care services can indeed be expensive, but the elderly deserve the best, given that they are the pillars of this society. Why? Because otherwise hiring an inexperienced person for a smaller amount of money can make a senior suffer. Experience is indeed gained over time, but it is also very important if an applicant has a history in the field. You want to find someone who genuinely cares, and loves their job. Take an example from this story.

A 94-year-old woman from Buenos Aires, suffering from Alzheimer’s, went through very difficult times due to a caregiver who was not exactly what she claimed to be. Her daughter says that she repeatedly saw her mother upset, sometimes she even burst into tears and did not know why.

A bond was formed when the daughter saw that the mother was somehow frightened when the caregiver showed up to start her shift, so she decided to set up cameras in the apartment to see exactly what happens inside when they are away. The result is simply shocking. The old woman was abused by the caregiver, humiliated and sometimes beaten, and threatened that if she did not comply she would kill her.

The wife and husband immediately called the police and reported the case. The so-called caretaker was arrested shortly after. The old woman is so grateful that finally, she can relax in peace. It is awful that there are such people who have no respect and empathy for the elderly people who made so many sacrifices throughout their lives.

Let’s share this story and spread the word to determine everyone out there to thoroughly check which people are hired for such positions, you never know what happens when you close the door behind you. At first glance, some people wear impenetrable masks, masks that will not allow you to see beyond appearances.

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