The 12-year-old boy falls from the boat without anyone noticing

Scott Welsh, a 40-year-old man, had a great passion for fishing. This passion was passed on to his 12-year-old son Rico. The two and Krunar, the uncle’s son, often went fishing in different places.

The three planned their next fishing trip. They decided to go by motorboat in the ocean. After preparing everything they needed, they set off in the morning by boat to the south coast, where they hoped to catch some good fish.

After a few hours, the three had already caught a lot of fish, and Rico, the 12-year-old kid, was very excited. The weather began to deteriorate, and a reasonably strong wind was blowing from the west. Being far from the shore, the men decided to return home.

Scott was leading the boat with Krunar, and Rico remained on deck to admire the scenery. A big wave hit the ship, which shook violently. At that moment, Rico fell overboard into the ocean. Scott and Krunar did not realize that the boy had fallen, so they continued to steer the boat away from the boy who fell into the water.

After 5 minutes, Scott realized that Rico was missing and immediately returned the boat. He could see Rico in the water from a great distance.

When they reached him, the boy could no longer stay afloat because of the waves and sank.

As he was preparing to jump into the water, Scott and Krunar witnessed an amazing scene. A family of killer whales was swimming around Rico.

Where one of the whales sank and pushed the boy with her snout close to the boat so that Scott could grab the boy by the hand.

The two men, along with Rico, were shocked. A killer whale rescued the 12-year-old boy.

“When I saw the killer whales, I was very scared and scared for Rico’s life. I was going to jump in the water to help my son, even if it meant dying myself. I can’t forget the image when that whale pushed Rico very carefully with its huge snout. It was a unique experience that we will never forget. “

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