Horrible, Woman Kills Her Roommate Sitting On Top Of Her While She Was Praying

A woman from Texas is facing the charge of murder because she is sitting on her roommate when she was praying to cause her difficulties breathing.

Gloria Ann Jordan was arrested Tuesday for the murder of Gloria Farmer. Police found the body of a dead woman and it was initially thought to have come as a result of natural death.

But with the testimony of the roommate, the truth was revealed. Jordan had placed her hands on Farmer’s forehead while she was praying. She then pushed her into a chair and slammed her to the ground. At this moment Jordan sat on her in a “prayer position.”

She sat on her chest so tightly until he took his breath away. According to the autopsy Farmer died of asphyxiation. This was definitely murder. Police say Jordan repeatedly slammed anotherĀ  woman’s head into a wall while shouting, “I rebuke you in the name of the Lord.”

She is currently in prison. She is crazy, isn’t she?

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