Horse Keeps Hugging Pregnant Woman – When Doctor Looks At Ultrasound He Calls The Police

Jolene Jonas received the news that she was pregnant but faced an unexpected event. After this wonderful news, everyone was happy, as well as her horse, which was connected to Jolenevery much.

After the news of Jolene’s pregnancy, the horse started behaving strangely and they decide to visit a doctor. Ricky and Jolene had dreamed of having children for a long time and these were their happiest days. But Keola was acting differently.

They didn’t understand, but they decide first not to pay attention to this behavior. Later, Dr. Jolene discovered something that shocked the couple. After the beginning of the relationship with Ricky, Jolene realized that he was very mysterious and did not talk about many things about his life. Even at their wedding, Ricky did not invite his family but only friends.

Before deciding on the pregnancy, the couple did the appropriate doctor’s checks and the results showed that both were healthy and could have a child. After finding out she was pregnant, Jolene shared the news with Keola, her beloved horse, who immediately started acting strangely.

The vet said that the horse was not worried about anything and was healthy. After doing a lot of research, she got some strange information. Some websites said that this horse’s behavior could be related to the child’s health.

However, Jolene decided to calm down and not pay much attention to this information. In the 23rd week, Jolene started to feel pain and she and Ricky immediately went to the hospital. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, she did an ultrasound to check the baby’s condition.

But the doctor was surprised by what he saw and this scared Jolene. He said he should notify the police. The police came to the hospital and started asking Ricky some strange questions. He didn’t understand what was happening and, upset, told the police to leave.

He was forced to go with the police to the police station. The doctor informed Jolene that she should have an operation, but did not say more than that. No one understood what was happening. Police said the doctor found an illegal medical chip inside Jolene’s body.

Ricky immediately went to the hospital to be near his wife during the birth. Doctors said that Ricky’s wife and child were healthy. All this panic ended very quickly and their daughter Giulia was born.

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