How A Mother Saw Her Little Boy By Chance On The Internet Being Bullied By A Daycare Worker

A woman one day when she was using the internet saw a photo of her son being bullied by daycare that alerted her.

When parents send their children to daycare, they want the best for them. They hope that their children will find a comfortable family environment.

But sometimes terrible things can happen to children there that parents never find out about. The same thing happened to Melissa Jordan.

Melissa accidentally saw a photo of her son Ethan Jordan that saddened her endlessly. But the question is what did this photo have?

She seemed right. “I was hurt because I trusted them [the daycare] with Ethan.”

In the picture, the boy did not look very happy as usual. It showed Ethan sitting in a high chair, looking dismal and dejected. Melissa added:

“I do not know how long he’s been in the highchair. He looks so pathetic and miserable. He looks so defeated in that picture.” The caption “I’m sick of this [expletive] !!!”

Another daycare worker had commented on her son’s photo writing “He really looks like that exactly what he is thinking cuz sure can not talk (sic).”

Melissa realized that her son was being bullied because he could not speak like the others even though he was three years old.

Mos says “I was disgusted, and my feelings were hurt because they are making fun of Ethan because he is not able to talk. They are making a joke out of him. I pay them to humiliate my child?”

But this was not the only case where children were offended on social networks. Earlier they had posted a picture of another child comparing his teeth to those of Mater in the movie “Cars.”

She even gave a message to the employee who had done the action

“If you do not genuinely love and care for children, and if it’s not a passion of yours, this is not something that you should be involved in. If you think it’s funny that a child is delayed or if they’re not perfect or they have shortcomings or something that you think you should tease about, that’s not a job for you. “

When WAVY reached out to A Heavenly Haven, the daycare’s owner, Juanita Brown, said the two workers involved were fired from their jobs. Later, the daycare center expressed it was incredibly sorry for the sad incident.

However, none of the commenters apologized to the mother. It is the least they could do.

We hope that no mother will face such situations. Have you heard of any title cases? Share with us your comments on Facebook.

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