How Was The Dog Rescued By Random Citizens

Dogs that do not have a home have no other possibility of feeding, except to find it on the street. When this dog went out to look for food, the unexpected happened.

When people saw her, it seemed to be too late because was covered in mud and very weak. She had most certainly tried to pass by herself, but she didn’t succeed.

When someone found her, the condition was very serious. She could see every bone in her body. The people who saw him called a local rescuer, but no one came.

So they had to intervene themselves. What other solution could they have?

People tried more carefully not to hurt her. They put an umbrella to protect him from the scorching sun.

When they offered to eat it, the dog refused. They thought it came from fear and the condition he was in.

 The dog finally makes its way to the vet clinic where she’s given several bags of IV fluids. They also administer antibiotics as well as iron infusions for anemia.

Her stomach is very damaged and it needs time to recover, but apparently, it is on the way to completion.

For now, she’s in the animal shelter attached to the clinic. She’s comfortable and safe!

We are so thankful that kindhearted people saw her when they did! She wouldn’t have survived long. To see her rescue, watch the video below.

YouTube video

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