Husband Criticized For Raising Someone Else’s Child, Married Girlfriend When She Was Pregnant

When men love a lot it is difficult to separate them from the woman they love. For the sake of love, they accept things that are probably unacceptable for society.

Caroline Olivera a woman from Brazil thinks she found the love of her life. However, over time she realized that it was a mistake.

Olivera prayed to God to bring a good man into her life to build a family. By chance, she met Edgar Costa who had everything she dreamed of in a man.

A week later Costa discovered that Olivera was pregnant. This child was from a previous relationship she had. What do you think he did?

He accepted the child as if it were his own. Just fell in love with someone pregnant. Since it was in the first months of pregnancy they both enjoyed every moment.

They are both happy. But as always there could be no lack of criticism. Friends and family advised Costa not to associate with a pregnant woman. Despite it all, they believed in their relationship.

The little girl who came to life made them more united even though they were afraid for the future.

On social networks when they posted the photo they were severely offended and removed it altogether. Yet the photo continues to be online as a sign of loyalty and devotion in a relationship.

Birth and pregnancy made the couple even stronger. The families of both are calmed down and accepted the situation. The couple proved that love always prevails.

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