Husband Gives Birth To Two Children And Talks About It As A Traumatic Experience.

A transgender person has become a parent of two children and has spoken about this traumatic experience. This is because of the community he belongs to and they have stayed close to people in his community.

Kayden Coleman, 34, has a 7-year-old daughter named Azaelia and a 10-month-old son named Jurnee. He is a proud father and both of his pregnancies have been difficult.

The Houston-based advocate and educator has detailed how he was mi * gendered, turned away from care, and even offered an ab! Rtion by mi! Gui! Ed medical professionals.

He started his transformation from woman to man in 2009 but did not have surgery on his genitals because he wanted to maintain his female reproductive organs.

In 2013 she underwent breast removal surgery and did not receive testosterone for a period. She was shocked when she found out she was five months pregnant and was born in 2014.

Her boyfriend is called Dominique and he is 30 years old. Kayden proudly posts photos of the two children on social media, but it is surprising that the pregnancies have been so different from each other.

‘There was a lot of! Rauma,’ he said. ‘Most of that came from inside the birthing world, with medical professionals. There was a lot of questioning about my identity, a lot of! Isgend * ring. Being told I shouldn’t be in spaces I was seeking care from because they were considered women’s spaces.

She says she has often been told to have an abortion but has refused. People did not even think she was pregnant but she needed it more like a beer belly.

Being tra * s inclusive involves more than simply knowing the terminology. It’s more than having a few tra * s friends. And it is certainly more than having the mere d * sire to be an ally, ’he said on Instagram. ‘It is work. Constant education. Understanding your privilege. ‘

‘It’s not about whether or not you quote-unquote agree with us. We do not care about your acceptance or agreement. We just want equity and safe, inclusive care, ’he added.

Kayden even says she suffered from postpartum depression. I do enjoy parts of being pregnant like the fact it makes my beard thicker. ’Kayden previously opened up about his decision to tr! Nsiti * n.

‘I’ve never been sc-ar-ed of bac-klash because at the end of the day until these people are paying my bills or putting food on my table their opinions are just that.’

‘I knew I wanted to tra * sition in 2007 but at that time there weren’t very many resources and a female to male tra-nsi-tion wasn’t very common,’ he continued.

‘If you went to Google and searched for te * toste ** e you would get some sketchy website based in India and it was ha * d to find binders for your chest.

‘I identified as a lesbian at the time, and my girlfriend was not okay with me tra! Siti * ning and tried to talk me out of it, so it wasn’t until 2009 that I started the process.

‘I had to stop taking test-ost ** one six weeks pr *** to the surgery and a month after I had it, I conceived my first child,’ he recalled. ‘I thought I was just gaining weight but actually, I was growing a baby.’

People said he felt sorry for the girl because she would be confused and would not know what family she has.

But there’s been a lot of objection to my pregnancies in terms of the medical side of things. I’ve been told I don’t belong in certain places because I’m not a woman and I’ve been offered an ab! Rt-ion more times than any woman would have been offered by medical staff.

I’m lucky enough to have a working uterus and reproductive system that allows me to carry a child and create life so why should I have to reject that part of me just because I’m tra * s? ’

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