Is this cat going down or up the stairs? This optical illusion reveals whether you are an optimist or a pessimist

An optical illusion can reveal more about your true personality, claims a test from Minds Journal.

A cat appears in the picture. The illusion asks viewers to look in the direction the animal is traveling and pretends it says something important to them.

The grayscale image depicts a cat on a scale but not its direction. Whichever way you see the cat walking exposes your approach to life.

Both views are said to have ultimate meanings.

If you see the cat climbing the stairs, chances are you have an optimistic outlook on life.

“You see potential and you see growth everywhere you look. Your mind is trained to see ways to rise higher in life, so given a situation where you have the choice to rise above others or sink to their level, you will inevitably you were the best and most positive person,” the article says.

If you see the cat coming down the stairs, you have a pessimistic and skeptical personality.

“It could be based on your experiences in life or just because of the kind of people you may have met that skewed your outlook on life. But that means you don’t trust easily now, you calculate before you commit, and you’re wary of people who seem too sweet. This may just be your way of coping with the world, but you are much sharper and shrewder in your relationships, making it almost impossible to fool you,” the article says.

So tell us, how do you see the cat?

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