John Travolta Makes The Announcement

John Travolta has posted on Instagram a post about his friend Kirstie Alley. The actress changed her life a few days ago due to cancer.

She was diagnosed with cancer for a long time and fought it, but she did not succeed. Travolta has described Kristie as his best friend. She is a special friend to him.

Look Who’s Talking has given Alley a good chance to shine. She and Travolta have climbed the ladder of success together. Alley had been battling cancer for a long time and died on Monday. Her children spread the news of their mother’s death.

She will be greatly missed by her family. Alley was a loving and devoted woman. She had recently become a grandmother and her grandchildren will always love her.

Alley spoke about Travolta in an interview in 2018 where he said that he loved him very much. She might be ready to marry him. He also held Alley in high respect. This statement of hers surprised everyone. She said she was ready to marry Travolta if he wasn’t married yet.

Alley was an excellent actress. Her friends send their condolences to the actress’s family. She was a wonderful and kind woman. She was also a devout believer. Alley can be a good example for her family. She has inspired many women in the world with her great behavior and success.

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