Katie Price Shows Results Of 14 Breast Surgeries In A Bikini Appearance From Vacation In Thailand

Katie Price has revealed the results of her biggest breastwork, as she made a bikini appearance in Thailand. She revealed the appearance of her breasts after numerous interventions, as she posed in a boat with her fiancé Carl Woods.

The 43-year-old was leaning on the pillow and smiling while Carl, 33, smiled next to her. Katie showed off her chest in a short blouse that accentuated her small waist and combined it with a white thread wrapper at the waist.

The glamorous former model, who now posts provocative photos to her fans on the social network to raise OnlyFans, seemed pleased with her new body figure after moving to Bangkok to get under the razor again.

This intervention marks Katie’s 14th breast surgery.

In December, Katie underwent liposuction, had her fat removed from her abdomen, and underwent breast augmentation at a clinic in Brussels.

She proudly recounted the scars she had left behind after her 11th breast surgery in 2020 – after her assets were reduced.

Speaking about the pain she goes through every time she performs chest surgery, she told The Sun: “If I am honest with you, if there is no pain, there is no gain. The price of beauty is sometimes the fact that you have to go through the pain.

“Is it painful?” “The first operation I did was uncomfortable,” said the British model.

“These breasts have been in America, England, Belgium and now these are the breasts of Turkey. “I just reduced them,” she added. “My old implants – I have them in a bag, they weighed a lot, and Jesus, when I kept them they were really heavy.”

“I’m very excited because I’ll finally be able to wear clothes that do not make me look fat,” says Katie.

Katie first underwent surgery in 1998, to enlarge her breasts.

Ever since she spent a lot of time in the operating room – from removing facial wrinkles, removing cellulite on her legs, filling, botox, etc.

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