Young Boy Climbs 15 Floors Into Building On Fire To Rescue Bedridden Mother

We all know that a mother would do anything for her child. The story we will tell you below tells the story of a boy who does everything for his mother.

When we are little we can not do much for mothers and they are everything to us. And you who are reading this agree with me I believe. So it is not surprising that each of us would do anything for his mother.

Instinct leads us to take care of them until old age. Jermaine was the one who showed this kind of love with a heroic act.

He climbed to the 15th floor of the walls of the building, found a place to stay until he reached his mother. For him, this action was simple as he had experience in such actions.

He worked as a construction worker and a roofer so he was used to such heights. What was most special was that he did all this action with a broken hip that he had injured a few days ago.

As soon as he reached his mother he immediately went to check if she was OK. He told his mother that help was coming his way but she was very well and he felt like he had gotten there.

When he went down without a swarm of people and police. At first, he thought he was in trouble after breaking the safety control of the building. The police proved to be understanding.

When Jermaine was asked why she did this, his answer was simple: “All for my mom’s safety, period.”

Would you do such a thing for your mother? What was the most special thing you did for her? Share with us your stories in the comments below on Facebook.

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