Kelly Clarkson Accused Of ‘Child Abuse’ For What She Does To Her Kids When They Misbehave

Kelly Clarkson has recently been accused of child abuse. Her interview in which she shows that she hit her child is becoming more and more viral every day. She told Today that she defends her idea of lightly hitting the child because, according to her, it makes the child more disciplined.

She is the mother of four children and has been a parent for some time. According to her, not everyone sees the action as reasonable, and it is not necessary to see it. She said in her interview that she does not hit her daughter hard, to show that she is “above the child”.

But hitting the children, according to her, makes the child more polite and shows the seriousness of the rules. She said that sometimes she funnily tells the little girl that she will hit her if she doesn’t stop. “I feel good with this and I think I’m not doing anything wrong. This is the same way my parents raised me and where I am today. I don’t see anything wrong.”

“Maybe being famous makes things more complicated because you are the center of attention. But many people do not think that this is wrong. However, many see this action as wrong and unacceptable. All adults, when they were once children, may have been beaten by their parents. Something like this happened to me and now I am a strong person with character and I think this is good”.

These statements were enough for a large number of comments to explode and not agree at all with the singer’s thoughts. According to the people who see the interview, this was inappropriate behavior with children. A mother writes that she has never hit her children and will never do it.

“Sometimes it is very difficult for me because I am a single mother and I have to raise three boys alone, but I would never hit my children. They need a lot of love and it’s not right to hit them just because I’m sad.”

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