Look how looks Elvis Presley’s private jet inside

Elvis Presley was well-known for more than just his incredible music career and distinctive voice, which mesmerized millions worldwide.

Also, he had a sharp eye for style and food (blue suede shoes, anyone?).

But not everyone may be aware of the fact that the rock icon also appeared to have mystical decorating skills. The iconic privately owned jet plane of the King of Rock serves as a good illustration of this.

In 1962, Elvis bought his own plane and insisted that it be tailored specifically for him.

A glance inside reveals the stunning hardwood paneling, carpet, and crimson velvet chairs.

Elvis spent more than 35 years owning the aircraft, a Lockheed Jetstar type, but when he passed away in 1977, it was left unattended. Since then, it has become a tourist attraction on a road in Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

Nonetheless, the jet was ultimately put up for auction after all these years, and an Elvis enthusiast (?) recently purchased it over the phone for $260,000 in a Florida auction.

Along with his father, Vernon Presley, Elvis was in the aircraft when it first broke through the clouds.

The plane has been at a particular location in New Mexico for more than 30 years following Elvis Presley’s passing. The exterior of the plane shows that the red hue is somewhat washed off if you look at it closely. Yet, considering its age, the plane is in fairly decent shape.

Check out the inside… I don’t mind saying that I wouldn’t mind having a lengthy ride on this plane. It looks just as the King of Rock’s style would have in my mind.

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