Man shoots 4 people in a mall, hundreds of others are saved after the intervention of other armed people

In Indiana, the whole city is in shock because there was a gun attack where four people died and many others were injured.

The event happened in Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana and the one who shot was a man who arrived at around 6 p.m. who was carrying a rifle and several magazines of ammunition.

He started shooting, leaving three dead and one wounded. The suspect was stopped by another person who was present at the time of the attack. His name has not been made public by the police, but witnesses said he was a 22-year-old.

The 22-year-old was carrying a weapon with him that he had a permit and cooperated with the police to stop him.

In a press conference held, the police said that four women remain victims of the attack and one man. Only one minor girl was slightly injured and is now in the hospital, her life is not in danger.

Of the 5 victims, two of them remain dead on the spot, while the others died in the hospital. “We are sickened by another type of incident like this in our country, in our city,” IMPD Assistant Chief Chris Bailey told the media.

Greenwood Police Department Chief Jim Ison held a press conference outside the mall. He said to the media, “As you can imagine, this type of situation is horrible,” adding, “It’s rocked us to our core.”

At the moment, no other details have been made known about the incident in question. Our condolences go to the families of those who died during the attack.

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