Meet Hero Doctor Who Gave His Life To Save People From A Shooter In A Church

Dr. John Cheng is once one of the simplest people we do not see on television. He sacrificed his life to save the lives of others.

John was a very good man in the community but he also had a wife and two little girls who are alone today.

In Orange City in Laguna Woods Church, a 52-year-old man sacrificed his life because of a fight with a gunman who opened fire on a church where four men aged 66, 92, 82, and 75 were among the wounded, as well as an 86 -year-old woman.

When the shooting started, John Cheng bravely charged at the gunman, allowing others to seek cover. If the doctor had not intervened then the balance of victims would have been even greater.

David Chou, the killer is now being tried on one felony count of murder and five felony counts of attempted murder. According to the FBI, he had some kind of hateful act he did.

The killer had also closed the church door before firing on people because he apparently did not want people to leave. He had planned everything.

Initially, he had shot Cheng but when he tried to shoot him for the second time the weapon blocked him. At this point, the doctor jumped into action.

His loss is a loss not only for the family but for the whole community. John Cheng leaves behind his grieving wife and two children.

We wish the family our most sincere condolences.

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