People Thought He Would Not Have A Child, Father With Down Syndrome Today Struggles To Make His Son A Doctor

When a man saw his child for the first time was the most beautiful thing he would experience. This is because he is special from the others.

One of the biggest problems that people with Down syndrome face is prejudice. One of them is the idea that they can not have children. Making a decision to have a child in that condition is often criticized.

In a couple where a person has Down syndrome, there is a 35% to 50% chance that the child will inherit his condition, but healthy children can be born, as we will show today.

Jad Issa was born with Down Syndrome but despite that, he did not stop trying to become a helpful person. He even fell in love with a wonderful woman and she got pregnant.

He would do anything for his child to have a beautiful childhood and more opportunities. The family was happy when Sader came to life.

Sader was a happy and healthy child. Sader says for his father”[My dad] changed some of the earlier judgments about his capabilities because he had started working and had started his career in the local factory that he still works in until this day.”

The father made many sacrifices for him to follow his dreams and have a bright future. “For [my father] only sky is the limit, despite being looked at as someone not worthy of accomplishing anything important here he is today inspiring hundreds of thousands … just being the man who he is.”

Jad was very proud of his son who worked hard to achieve success in life. He managed to become a doctor. The boy could not get a better reward than the joy he saw in his father’s eyes.

“Yes, [he had] Down syndrome, but [he] raised this man and did everything in [his] power to make [his son] a doctor and help others.”

Sader now has a mission to raise the awareness of other people that people like them can be great parents. Many people choose to abstain and avoid potentially risky pregnancies, but some stay open to the possibility, and Sader is grateful his dad took a chance.

And we are very happy to be able to share this story with you to learn about the son’s successes and the sacrifices of a father fulfilled today.

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