Mother Beats Her Little Girl To Death For Lost Of Her Tablet And Ignores Her Requests For Help

A mother from Brooklyn has beaten her two daughters for a lost tablet. The youngest girl suffered serious injuries and died two hours after the attack.

Shemene Cato got very nervous when her two daughters lost the tablet. Shalom Guifaro was hiding from her mother under the bed for 9 years when her wife threw the bed over her head. The girl died of internal bleeding.

Cato tortured Shalo and her 13-year-old sister for hours with a cord and a broom extension until he killed the youngest.

The eldest daughter managed to run away and call the police. According to the autopsy, Shalom suffered multiple blunt force impact injuries to the head and body, resulting in internal bleeding which ultimately caused the death of Shalom. “

Shalom asked her mother for help when she saw that she had injuries saying “Mommy help me”. The older sister said the mother slapped them and put her in time out after a temper tantrum.

The woman was convicted of second-degree murder without the right to parole. A protection order for the eldest daughter was also placed.

Neighbors are very surprised by this because the family was very nice and quiet. They greeted the girls and their mother and did not seem to have any problems.

Police had gone to their apartment 14 times because Cato had reported her ex-husband for violence but had never seen anything strange.

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