Mother Donates 3 Houses And $10 K To Her Son For His Birthday. The Reason Will Inspire You

A mother has been generous with the gifts she has given to her son for his 16th birthday.

Charles Freeman in the video posted on Instagram seems to make a surprise to her son by donating three properties and $ 10k cash.

“He had no idea what was in store, I was about to give him the foundation to set him up for success !!!!” says the mother.

As a single mother, the independence of her two sons is very important. She wants them to have a safe path to success.

She shows that the bond she has with the boy is very strong. The two talk a lot about business with each other. This was the moment when the boy had shown interest in real estate.

“During our many conversations, he always says, ‘mom, I want to get into real estate and be a chef,'” Freeman shared. “We applied to a business program and a chef program for him to do his junior year.

After being interviewed he did not win. The mother told him not to worry because she would fix everything. He could not yet tell the surprise she had prepared for him.

She saved it for his 16th birthday. She called the purchase of property investment for the future. The purpose of all this surprise was just one thing.

Know that no matter how many doors do not open, the mother will be there to help open properly.

“I want him to be able to pass things down,” she continued. “This process is going to be fun because I get to work with my son on something dear to him and see what ideas he has!”

Many parents have written to thank her for the idea of ​​supporting children in their dreams.

What do you think about the mother’s gesture? Would you do the same for your children? Or would you like someone to do this for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook.

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