Britney Spears Says She Does Not Know Who Scott Disick And Pete Davidson Are

Britney Spears after watching the video of Scot and Pete admits that she does not know at all who they are.

Britney reposted a video from Scot Disick who was in the company of Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend. Pete stands with the phone in his hand filming himself while Scot and his friends take a nap watching the film.

He comments “Boyz night was wild.”

Britney even though she posted the video shows that she has no idea who they are. Shortly afterward she deleted it apologizing to the public because she did not know at all who they were. You just seemed to laugh.

Meanwhile, Scot and Pete have known each other since 1982. People think they would make a fantastic duo on a show to laugh.

This is not the only time they have been seen together. The two took part in a baseball game to support Reign Disick, Scot’s son with Kourtney Kardashian.

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