Mother Was Starving So Steals 5 Eggs To Feed Her Children, Police Take Unexpected Action

Being poor is not easy at all. A mother had to choose between hunger and shame.

Chose to be ashamed. Went to a small shop where she got five eggs. They caught her there. Constable William Stacy went to the scene after being notified.

After hearing the reasons why the woman had taken the action she made a decision. For just $120 a month, Johnson takes care of two daughters, two grandchildren, and nieces.

A week before it even happened she lost her salary. The children were starving. They had not eaten for two days. Johnson with only $ 1.25 in his pocket went to the store. Shee took five eggs and put them in his pocket because the money she had did not come out for payment.

The store staff immediately caught her. She accepted at the moment what she had done. She indicated that she was doing it just to feed her family.

When Officer William Stacy was notified he went to talk to the shop owners. The woman had to wait where she was. They decided not to file charges against Johnson. The officer paid for the eggs.

When the officer went to the woman she thought they would handcuff her but in fact, the opposite happened. He told her that no charges would be brought against her. She offered the last $ 1.25 she had left.

He remembered the woman as he had been before for a visit to her house. The situations had been almost the same. He decided to do something for her.

He brought her a card with eggs and asked her not to repeat the action. A week later William brought two cars full of food to feed her and her family.

Mrs. Johnson said she had never had so much food in her home since she was 12 years old. She was very excited. The images were posted online and went viral.

The officers opened an account number for the woman and there were many donations.

How beautiful it is to help others! Have you ever helped a person? Share with us your experiences in the comments on Facebook.

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