Newborn Baby Refuses to Eat, Days Later Family Discovers The Horrifying

Bethany Taylor and Kendall were filled with joy as they brought their newborn daughter, Jane, home from the hospital. However, their happiness was short-lived when Jane began showing signs of illness just five days later. She became lethargic and refused to eat, causing her parents to grow deeply concerned. Rushing her to the emergency room, they hoped to find answers to her mysterious condition.

To their surprise, the pediatrician couldn’t find anything wrong with baby Jane. Perplexed and worried, Bethany and Kendall returned home, only to find themselves falling ill with headaches and discomfort. Even their grandmother, who came to assist, fell victim to the unknown ailment. Kendall, however, suspected that something more sinister was at play.

Taking matters into his own hands, Kendall conducted research online and soon discovered the shocking truth. They realized that the family had been poisoned, not by bacteria, but by something entirely different. The source of their poisoning was a faulty gas heater in their apartment, leaking deadly carbon monoxide gas. Without hesitation, they rushed Jane back to the hospital, fearing for her life.

The hospital promptly placed Jane in a hyperbaric chamber, a treatment known to counteract the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. Bethany, fearful for her baby’s well-being, stayed by Jane’s side throughout the procedure. Thankfully, the treatment was successful, and Jane began to show signs of improvement.

Dr. James Stewart, speaking to Faith Tap, described the transformation in Jane after the treatment. She was once again behaving like a normal baby, crying and responding to her mother’s presence. The ordeal had left her famished, but her hunger was a reassuring sign of her recovery.

The family was incredibly fortunate that they sought medical attention in time to save Jane’s life. The incident served as a stark reminder of the dangers that gas leaks, particularly from old heaters, can pose to households. The importance of installing carbon monoxide detectors in homes was emphasized, as early detection can prevent potentially tragic consequences. With their harrowing experience behind them, Bethany and Kendall were grateful that their story had a happy ending, thanks to timely medical intervention and their commitment to raising awareness about gas safety.

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