Amber Heard Has Reportedly Changed Her Name

Not a day goes by when at least a few thousand people think of the Amber Heard and Johhny Depp Saga. The amount of drama that was paraded for the whole world to see made just about everyone a celebrity gossip expert. Amber Heard has recently made headlines once again, not for creating drama, but rather for running away from it. She has reportedly moved to another country under a different alias.

A seemingly unsuspicious Martha Jane Canary recently moved to a quiet town on a beautiful island in Spain known as Mallorca. Martha made it to the headlines of a local newspaper called Diario De Mallorca. Why? Well, Martha is not who you might expect. In fact, she is actually none other than the notorious Amber Heard. Amber decided to take a little vacation with one of her girlfriends, Bianca Butti. She also took her daughter, Oona Paige, along for the trip, and the three have been seen enjoying some quality time together.

The reason for the trip is reportedly so that Amber and her daughter could escape the brutal and stalker-like tactics of the press. They have been harassing her personal life, ever since the extremely public affair of her defamation case against her ex-husband.

Where did the name Martha Jane Canary come from? To answer this, you’d need to step back in time to the 1800s. When the Wild West was still very much based on horseback journeys across vast open plains. Martha Jane Canary, otherwise known as Calamity Jane, was not a fictional character from a movie. She was a rather notorious woman who made a name for herself with her sharpshooting skills and ability to kill native people.

Amber Heard, or Martha Jane, might have moved to a quiet area to escape her recent past. However, this does not mean that Martha has sabotaged her means of earning an income, nor taken away her ability to continue acting. Amber Heard seems to have been working on some projects from behind the scenes.

As society expands so intensely, it is hard to say exactly. However, Johnny Depp claims his great-grandmother was of Cherokee or Creek tribal heritage. Many people have speculated that Amber Heard’s choice of an alias is not just a means to escape the press and the drama that comes with them. But, it is also reportedly a job at the famous actor who won their defamation case.

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