School Says Boy Needs Doctor’s Note After ‘Too Many Absences’, Dad Responds With Scathing Letter

Jack Cody Brown faced frustration when his son, Aiden, fell ill with a stomach bug. Concerned for his son’s classmates, Jack kept Aiden home from school. However, the school’s response disappointed him.

Jack vented his frustration on Facebook, describing how the school bus arrived early without notice, causing Aiden to miss class four times. When Aiden fell ill again, the school counted it as an unexcused absence and demanded a doctor’s note.

Fed up, Jack crafted a sarcastic note for the school. He explained Aiden’s illness and offered a doctor’s note if the school paid the fee and arranged transportation. He even added a SpongeBob SquarePants meme for emphasis.

To Jack’s surprise, the note got the school’s attention. They promptly resolved the issues, ensuring consistent bus schedules and providing more challenging materials for Aiden. Jack received respectful treatment from the school afterward.

Despite criticism of his approach, Jack believed it was necessary to make the school take notice. He had tried communicating with them before resorting to the sarcastic note. Jack admitted he could have handled it better but was relieved that his actions resolved the problem.

Reflecting on the incident, Jack was amazed by the viral response his Facebook post received. He had simply wanted the school to address the issue and was not expecting such widespread attention.

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