Neyo is the only one who “Unmute” R. Kelly’s music

To take revenge on RKelly and his actions, people make a movement called MuteRkelly. Many people wanted to boycott his music, but there were others who defended him. The blow was at his weakest point.

Where Atlanta Arts administration Oronike Odeleye started a petition to get R. Kelly’s music removed from radio stations. But he did not achieve this completely because there were many people who loved his music.

Odeleye received support from many artists and streaming apps. Women were the ones who were against him because of his actions.

John Legend was the first to support him. He said that he doesn’t really care what people think about him, but he is ready to support a survivor.

Tank said that R Kelly had inspired him and had a lot of influence on his career. Lady Gaga said that he had helped her in very difficult moments of her life by making her love herself and that he was the inspiration of her life.

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