The ultrasound showed that the woman would give birth to a child with problems.

Olesia from Russia was very happy when she found out she was pregnant. Everything was going well until the doctors told her that the child would have an anomaly.

The words that the doctor said to him were: “Her hands do not develop and all internal organs are enlarged.” Even though the parents are devastated, they don’t give up.

The doctor’s words were very unexpected for them because they also asked the question “Do you understand that this is a cross that you will have to carry all your life?!

They would have a disabled child who would be pointed at all the time. Olesia started to cry while Eugen was sitting in a corner of the room. But above all, they said they would keep their child.

The doctor told him that they had to sign a letter where they had to admit that they knew the result of the ultrasound in case something unexpected happened later.

Months passed and the miserable mother was waiting for the child. Eugen was trying not to think about this and made a cradle with his own hands.

One night in December, the waters of Olesia broke. Eugen saw his wife in the hospital. After a few hours, they had a girl. The girl is placed on the chest.

And the little hands were whole. The doctor went out into the yard. There he saw Eugen.

“Sir, sir, you have a little girl! Congratulations! And she is absolutely healthy! Eugen sat and looked at the place where the doctor was. “Healthy” echoed in her ears.

Nadezhda was born completely healthy. Olesia was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and that was the reason the ultrasound came out like that.

Olesia had to remove the entire female organ. But today she has a healthy child.

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