Oprah Winfrey Became A Mother At Age Of 14 But Never Felt The Child Was Hers

Many people prefer to hide their past because of the actions they may have taken. So is the case of Oprah Winfrey who was discovered by a family member. Her half-sister made the revelation of the secret.

Everyone has a difficult past. Below you will find details from Oprah’s past, the girls from the academy that made her take on maternity responsibilities.

At age 14, Winfrey got pregnant and hid her pregnancy for seven months. She admits that denied the pregnancy because she was ashamed of other people but her big belly brought it out uncovered.

Keeping the shame and the secret trapped her in many ways. She recalls that her mother sentenced her to stay locked in a room until she decided to evict her from home at the age of 14. Winfrey says that “it was the most emotional, traumatic and confusing experience of my life.”

She also recalls that she did not have the support of any other family member. At the age of 9, she was sexually abused which continued for many years until the moment of pregnancy,

The moment of detention for her was tough. The mother wanted to send her to an institution for girls. At that moment there was no place enough for Winfrey and were asked to return after two weeks. At that moment her life took a turn after she started living with her father.

From that day on, Winfrey realized that she had done nothing wrong. It was not her fault. She became a mother at the age of 14 but the child could not survive because was born prematurely. At that moment it seems like life gave her a second chance. Her father said “This is your second chance. This is another opportunity to make something of your life and cease this moment. ”

At that moment she thought she could do more than that for herself and she succeeded. When the story was published by her sister Patricia Lloyd she thought that everything was destroyed and the public would come out against her. From the beginning, she was afraid that this secret would be revealed ruining her school when she was young and her career.

But the opposite happened. When people understood how the truth stood they supported Winfrey. She said, “I was stunned. Nobody treated me differently. For nearly 20 years, I have been worrying about a reaction that never came. ” Soon she realized that revealing her secret was liberating. During an exclusive interview in October 2019, Winfrey opened up on her decision not to have kids. Initially, she thought of having kids after meeting Graham in a charity event in 1986. She said, “I had brought an extra apartment, at one point in Chicago because I was thinking if we married we would need more space for children.”

Yet despite the decision to have no children, she fills the parental feeling with the girls of her academy. She always invites the recent graduates to her house to celebrate where they have pleasant conversations together. According to her, this is what is called a family. A place where everyone can be themselves and express what they think.

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