Parents discovered the strange phenomenon at the cemetery, only their son’s grave had grass

Josep, only 36 years old, died as a result of the war. He was a sergeant in the US Air Force and left behind two very sad parents, Raymond and Rachel Villasenor.

Joseph had served his country for 16 years in the army. But what surprised the parents the most is that when they went to visit their son’s grave one day, only his grass was green, while the others were dry and brown.

They thought it was a miracle.

Jake Reissuing today 86 years after the death of his wife went to visit her grave to bring flowers. There he saw a woman crying and told him that her brother had left this life too soon.

Jake felt sorry for his wife and decided to make a very nice gesture.

Every day when he went to water the grass at his wife’s grave, he also watered Joseph’s grave.

When the parents realized the reason, they realized that they could do nothing but thank the old man with a hug.

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