Phoenix Suns Star Gives All His NBA Salary To Build A Hospital For A Special Cause

Many sports stars are at the forefront of the media for the dizzying pay they receive. These salaries mostly go to the wrong place or too crazy holidays.

But many athletes often do not forget the origin and behave well with others by being generous. An NBA athlete decided to change this way of thinking by doing something incredible.

This is why Bismack Biyombo opened his foundation.

He initially decided to take a break in the last NBA season to take care of his ailing father Fran├žois Biyombo who had always cared for him.

Unfortunately, he passed away during the season leaving his son spiritually murdered.

Instead of sitting and crying, he thought of honoring his father’s memory in a very special way. He decided to donate his entire $ 1.3 million salaries for a very special reason. He would build an art hospital in his hometown in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“What I told my agent was my salary for this year would be going towards the construction of a hospital back home to give hope to the hopeless,” he added.

Bismarck also worked during the pandemic where he distributed over $ 1 million to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also has a foundation of the same name.

The foundation has awarded 185 scholarships, and 150 scholarships for extra education, and has attended to patients at Congo Hospital.

Bismack Biyombo is one of the best athletes in the world and has made a great contribution to the sport. He has become more famous because of his charities.

These moves of his have made him an example to others and we wish him to continue his journey to help others.

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