Ree Drummond Makes Statement After Her Husband Breaks His Neck In A Horrible Accident

Ree Drummond has reacted on social media after the terrible accident in which her husband was involved. She talked about her husband’s health condition and said that he hurt his neck. These years have not been easy at all for Drummond, who has gone through several misfortunes one after another.

Her brother passed away, her daughter was arrested, and her husband was injured in an accident. She has tried to stay strong throughout this period and she is succeeding. Drummond is a successful blogger and has always followed her passions.

Also, she is an author and a well-known television personality. She is a wonderful wife and mother too. Drummond lives with her family in Oklahoma. In the years 2009-2011, she achieved great success in her blog and became one of the most famous people on Forbes. Her blog was the blog of the year. A few years ago, her husband was part of an accident near their farm.

He and his nephew Caleb were involved in a truck accident when Caleb was seriously injured and sent to the hospital. While Drummond’s husband broke his neck. This damaged his walking and his way of living. However, he has improved a lot, says Drummond in a post on social media.

“He is eating healthy and doing physical activity. His walking has improved a lot and he is doing his best. We are very pleased with this improvement.”
Ladd also underwent surgery on his neck, but physical activities and meetings with a physical therapist helped him feel better.

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