#RIPJimmyFallon, What’s going on with the comedian?

Jimmy Fallon has made it clear that he is alive and well, after a significant number of tweets, with the hashtag #RIPJimmyFallon.

The 48-year-old comedian was forced to post and tag Twitter CEO Elon Musk. “@elonmusk can you fix this? #RIPJimmyFallon” Jimmy wrote.

Elon Musk took the situation in stride and retorted: “Wait a second, how do we know you’re not a body-grabbing alien pretending to be Jimmy? Tell me something only the real Jimmy can say…”.

The hashtag continues to circulate on Twitter, but still, Jimmy is safe and sound.

Fallon recently revealed that he is collaborating with popular singer Jennifer Lopez on his upcoming children’s book. The 53-year-old was not happy about a song with Fallon, but the pair decided to collaborate for their children. As for what fans can expect from the book, Fallon said it will help babies learn Spanish.

While fans await the collaboration of Fallon and Lopez, he will also bring another children’s book, ‘Nana Loves You More. The moderator warned that the book will make you cry, as it teaches children that, even when grandma is no longer around, you will always have her as a part of your life, and you will never escape her.

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