Baby’s first meeting: Cat’s dramatic reaction goes viral on TikTok

Cats are unpredictable. One moment they can be pampered, while later they completely ignore you. While some behavior is cute, others can be strange, as in the case of a viral video on TikTok.

The hilarious moment happened when a family introduced their cat to their newborn baby hoping it would be an exciting moment. However, something else happened. The video shows the cat sniffing the baby who is sleeping peacefully in a pram. The cat immediately leaves, sneaks into the next room, and vomits.

Many followers say that the cat has been stressed and has become jealous. “When I had my old cat, we got a kitten. The cat began to howl around the house. We thought she was going to die so we took her to the vet and he informed us she was just jealous.”

Others found it impossible not to joke about the situation. “He must have smelled a full diaper,” someone wrote. “I regret the fact that he immediately realized that he was going to vomit and ran away,” says another. “The cat is thinking: Oh, I’m going to lose my job,” read another comment. “At least he had some respect and went to the next room.” “I do not want to. It makes me sick. Take it back.”

Cats are so dramatic that’s why they’re adorable.

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